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boundless travel

It’s a strange thing, this travel. I have nowhere in the world that I need to be. No commitments, no chores, just the world at my feet and pocket full of money earned from a summer of seriously hard work.

And suddenly, decisions get hard. Because there are so many options. I think about all the things I’ve ever wanted to do, and my head reels with all the choices. Laze on a beach in Thailand for three months, volunteer with elephants in Cambodia, visit the Red Square in Moscow, work with the orphans in Romania, see the Northern Lights of the Arctic Circle, Angel Falls in Venezuela, Bora Bora in Tahiti, snowboard the Alps, Yosemite Valley in the States – I could spend hours on this list!

So I’ve decided to take it one step at a time. My goal for this year is to have my first White Christmas, and wherever that takes me, we shall see!


problems with skipping town

A lesser woman than me would have skipped town following that hideous experience. She would have packed her bags and headed to Cambodia or some other equally exotic country, to some beautiful Zen yoga retreat, where she would make friends with all the local children, only contacting home every few months through a photo, showing her bright eyed and glowing with selfless goodness. In fact I did try to do that, but I couldn’t get out of my lease, or find anywhere in Cambodia with a beauty therapist.