I felt the miles between us then. Felt the acres and acres of sea and sand and grass, the mountains stretching out across the globe, just one tiny thread, this phone call, binding us. I missed her now. It was good to talk about new friends, funny stories, silly American girls who snap their fingers at bugs, happy to laugh together and smile at each others frozen photos on the screen. It was only afterwards, when the phone call had stopped, the soft crackle of the speaker abruptly silenced that I felt it. My little sister is so far away, and I miss her. We are so close in every other way, we see each others photos and light hearted comments and share stupid YouTube videos within seconds, but if I wanted to see her, actually hug her and laugh wetly through the tears, she is hours and days and thousands of kilometres across the oceans, brave and happy with new friends.


your thoughts?

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