the versatile blogger award mixed with a little liebster

I was so surprised and pleased when Pommi nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award, and Amy for the Liebster! Thank you! I know that my blog tends to jump around over the place, between general musings about life, fiction snippets and travel photos, so it’s great to have a positive name for this – versatile (as opposed to confused!). I’m mixing the rules a little here between the two nominations, but basically the idea is to tell everyone a little about yourself and share some love by linking to some other great blogs.

So here goes, here are seven things about me, and below are seven blogs that I love reading and look forward to each day. Thanks again for reading everyone, it’s really amazing to have your support and interest!

One. Coldplay always reminds me of my father fist pumping.

Two. I grew up on a sheep farm in Rotorua, in the middle of the North Island of New Zealand. I like to say I spent my days getting scratched by blackberry and shooting rabbits, but mostly I just wandered around the farm picking flowers and singing to myself.

Three. I was always the dreamer of the family (see above point).

Four. I recently learnt to enjoy red wine (thank Portugal), something that makes me feel very grown up and proud of myself.

Five. I love the word fleeting. It sounds like you need to catch it.

Six. My iPod ranges wildly, from gangsta rap to floaty Enya to extremely embarrassing pop. I love it all, but I think my absolute favourite song is Roady by Fat Freddy’s Drop (but that will probably change again tomorrow).

Seven. I love swimming in the rain and power cuts.

The following blogs are mostly about travel, photography and life. I hope you enjoy them.

Marina Chetner – Be inspired through travel

Pete Carlsson – some great photography

Design Revolver – design tips, architecture and photography

Pierr Morgan – beautiful photos, awesome inspiration

Tales from the Hills – wonderful outdoorsy photos and writing

Robotic Rhetoric – some interesting musings and revelations

Sue Healy – great writing advice


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