green thumb

The plant was withering, almost dead. The fruit was long gone and it looked as though the leaves would soon be too.

Instinctively Vita reached out to it, her hand closing around the cool thin trunk. For a minute she closed her eyes and just stood there. Suddenly she felt it growing hot, the plant under her hand, and though it surprised her, she held on fiercely.

Then she had the strangest sensation. She could feel the plant. She could feel its every fibre, every connection and every split of each leaf. It only took a second to find the rot, it was in the roots, too shocked from their recent repotting to survive. Her eyebrows furrowed as she concentrated hard on burning it out, forcing it back out through the tips of each root. In the corners of her mind she could feel the branches quivering, the leaves turning up hopefully. The plant grew hotter and hotter under her hand, and Vita feared it would burst into flames. But just as it reached a point almost too unbearable to hold, it stopped.

Everything was still, and the plant was instantly cool once more. Vita withdrew her hand, shaking. She realized she was covered in sweat. The plant twinkled up at her. She swore it looked greener.


your thoughts?

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