ahh, a suitcase girl

I have noticed, looking back through my posts, that I seem to start a disproportionate amount of them with the words ‘I love’. And though I generally try to avoid the words ‘I hate’, I think that today I might employ them, just this once, because this emotion that I’m feeling today is much stronger than a vague dislike. So here goes…

I hate how much stuff I have. I hate lugging my huge green suitcase up and down metro station staircases. I hate that each time we arrive at a farm the new hosts will shake my hand and then look me up and down, immediately forming opinions. Ahh, a suitcase girl. I hate every tube of moisturizer, every pair of jeans when I’m carrying that unwieldy big green bus down a muddy dirt track.

There are people who live with only 50 items! Forever! Look!


I am sure I do not need all this stuff. I wear the same pair of shorts everyday! But I have an ingenious way to turn all this negative hate energy into a positive force – I am going to do something about it! So today I am going to buy a backpack, and then I will purge most of my belongings.

And then, at long last, I will be a Kiwi backpacker. Oh god the cliché!!


your thoughts?

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