music and me

I love the joy that music can bring. That a smile widens with each click up on the volume dial. The secrecy of headphones, the fact that no one knows what you’re listening to and loving, whether it be the thumping, frenzied bass of Ministry of Sound or some mellow A Tribe Called Quest. I love the way that everyone loves something completely different, and that even that changes drastically with the vibe they’re feeling, what they’re doing, or what they’re thinking about. I love that we have a worldwide archive of what must be billions of songs, all written and sung by someone, at some point in time, somewhere.

Sometimes it seems like we’ll run out of melodies soon, and have to start from the beginning again and cycle, like the fashion industry. But I don’t think that will happen somehow. It seems like music is an ever changing beast, and although there may be a golden sequence that is reused again and again, there is always someone new with a completely fresh take on combining beats and harmonies, rap and jazz, in a way that no one ever imagined before. That creation process amazes me. How they get all those instruments and back up singers’ notes to come together and create a three minute song is unfathomable to me. So I take my hat off to all you musicians out there, with a sincerely heartfelt and grateful thank you. What would we do without you?


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