my talent is zoning out

One of my aunts said recently, when speaking about me as a child, “oh that girl didn’t even need a body, she just lived in her head!” For some reason when I heard this I found it mildly insulting. But then I thought about it for a while, and realized this is completely true, and a rather apt and perceptive view of me. When I was child I spent all of my time reading, entirely tuned out to the chaotic world around me. There is a lyric that I love, from Sam Sparro’s song Black and Gold,

if vision is the only validation, then most of my life isn’t real’.

I love this because it is exactly how I feel. I spend most of my time far away, imagining, fantasizing, dreaming and creating, all in my head. Rainy afternoons spent alone with my thoughts are my Zen oasis, and I love wandering aimlessly with my iPod, my mind free to roam boundlessly.

Sometimes I think it’s underrated, time spent dreaming, forced down on the priority list by tasks that seem more productive, more immediately beneficial to the To-Do list. But for me, nothing’s more productive than silencing my body, and listening to my mind. For me, all the wild stuff in my head is inspiration enough. Everything else just fades away.


One thought on “my talent is zoning out”

  1. I understand this Hola as I’ve been there, but again – enjoy it while you can. You live not in the real world, young grasshopper. Enviable, but available only to the young or eternally single!

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