a wicked spell


Even through the haze of my mind I am able to understand that this moment is important. Ecstasy casts a wicked spell on my surroundings, pulling down the gossamer sheen that leaves everything just past caring, making colourless moments twinkle and shimmer with delight. I catch visions of smiling mouths, entwined kisses and always the constant, heaving surge of the crowd to the music, so like the swell of the waves that I am helpless, surrendering myself contentedly to its power. I close my eyes and lift my face to the rain, letting the glorious storm run down my face and into my open, wondrous mouth. A hand shimmies into my own, clutching at it, as though tugging me back to earth. Pulling myself easily from the joyful rain I look around, searching. I catch sight of the familiar shape of his smiling face and grin, the happiness swelling in my chest and throughout my stomach, erupting as I gather him to me and cover his face with frenzied kisses. He twists me around until my back is tight against his chest. Slipping his hands around my waist we begin to dance. A new beat begins, the new tentative notes delicately tripping through the lingering thump of the last song. We approve, the crush of people jumping and yelling as one as the beat drops and the new song washes over us like the rain from the tumultuous skies above.


your thoughts?

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